Beastly Alien Boss


My short-term construction job with a brutish orc boss just got complicated.

Desperate to escape the clutches of the alien lizard mafia, I accept a spur-of-the-moment job offer on a distant planet. A monstrous, grumpy alien orc is building a new home in a distant colony, and he’s looking for an assistant.

He needs me to hold his hammer. I get it. It’s a big hammer.

He’s a lonely barbarian brute with a gruff exterior, but I soon learn that inside he’s hiding a squishy center. When he unexpectedly enters his mating frenzy, there’s no one around to handle the job . . . except me. He gives me two options—return home or stay and help him with a whole different kind of nailing . . .

Nailing the Alien is Book 1 in the Beastly Alien Boss Series. Each features a brutish alien who can’t resist falling for his fated mate.

Galaxy Games 

A tortured alien hero determined to protect his fated mate.

As a child, I was stolen by the lord of my planet’s invaders. He brought me to the chamber, where he held others he’d also taken. Through the years, me and my new brothers were twisted into hardened beasts, each with a unique ability that shouldn’t exist outside of myth. We’re monsters. Any female who gazes upon us will run.

Now we’ve been entered into the Galaxy Games. Each landscape contains a series of deadly pitfalls, shifting goalposts, and an elusive final destination. It’s my chance to break free.

But I’m paired with a delectable Earth female who makes me see color for the very first time, proving she’s my fated mate.

I’ll finish this Game. I’ll free my brothers. And I’ll claim the Earthling female as my prize

Shattered Galaxies: Ravaged World

She came to me when I needed her most, and it will kill me to let her go.

When my ship crashed on a long-abandoned planet, I barely survived. Before the ship’s computer failed, it rebuilt me, crafting my shattered body into a half-cyborg being. I’m a monster who’s barely living. With no way of escaping this ravaged world, I’ve resigned myself to spending my days fighting off the feral inhabitants until I lose my final battle.

Until she appears…

She brings sweetness and light into my dark, cold world. Her determination to return to her home keeps her going, and I’ll do all I can to make her dream come true. Then I discover there might be a way, but it means I’ll lose her forever.

The fates delivered her to me. Can I go back to being alone?

Ravaged World is a part of the Scattered Galaxies shared world and Book 1 of the Alien Warrior Abandoned Series. Each book features a stranded hero who finds a future with a woman from Earth.

Shattered Galaxies is a shared universe featuring an amazing author line-up:

Part of the “Claimed Among the Stars” Anthology releasing July 2022

Fated Mates of the Xilan Warriors 

An alien warrior made me an offer I can’t refuse. In exchange, he can do what wants with me for one week.An alien warrior made me an offer I can’t refuse. In exchange, he can do what wants with me for one week.

I want a child, but that’s impossible now that Earth men are sterile. Then a ping from a distant planet reaches us. Aliens are real, and they’re interested in getting to know Earth women better. The Xilans fall into an insatiable urge once every three years, called the Slaking, and there aren’t enough females to give them what they need.

Like many Earth women, I sign up. For one week, I’ll make an alien happy and in exchange, I get a child. As long as I keep my heart of out of the equation, things should go fine, right?

But when an intergalactic war erupts, we must fight for our very survival.

Alien Commander’s Mate is Book 1 in the Fated Mates of the Xilan Warrior Series. This book offers aliens who look and act alien, heat, and a guaranteed happily ever after

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Holiday with a Cu’zod Warrior

With Christmas approaching, can Aida and Trexon give an orphaned little girl her holiday wish, plus find the perfect ending for themselves?

Before her conniving father can steal her orphaned niece away, Aida’s determined to give the three-year-old child the Christmas she’s been wishing for. Aida grabs the girl and runs, but her daring escape to a mountain cabin during a freak blizzard lands her in trouble. She’s stuck in a cabin, there’s no hope of a jolly Christmas in sight, and she stumbles over a wounded Cu’zod alien warrior. The storm keeps them snowbound, and between making snowmen and trimming the tree with Trexon, she starts dreaming of a future for both her and her niece.

Fated Mates of the Ferlaern Warriors

He has tusks and a tail, and insists she’s his fated mate. She’s enticed, but determined not to get involved. Can a burly alien warrior and a single mom find love together on a planet far from Earth?

Garek: With my clan threatened, I don’t have time for romance with a pesky Earth female. Until I meet Piper. She and her youngling son are part of our planet’s new settlement. Soon, I find myself helping her plan her home and talking about odd Earthling activities. What is a square dance and must I do it? She’s soft and lush in all the right places, and I could pick her up and carry her around with one arm. And her son… I ache to show him how to tame a mighty winged trundier. Piper may say she doesn’t need love, but I’ll do whatever it takes to win her heart.

Piper: I brought my eight-year-old son to Ferlaern to start anew–the new wild west, we’re calling this planet. The other women want romance but not me. Then I meet Garek, a seven-foot-tall, gruff warrior who’s out to steal my heart. Burned in the past, I’m afraid to trust. Never mind that he makes my son laugh for the first time in forever or that his kisses… Not going there. But when our settlement’s attacked by vicious creatures, it’ll take both of us to survive the threat.

ENTICED BY AN ALIEN WARLORD, the first full-length novel in the Fated Mates of the Ferlaern Warriors series by bestselling alien romance author Ava Ross. Each book in this series is a standalone romance with on-the-page heat, aliens who look and act alien, a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Brides of Driegon

An alien dragon king meets his fated mate in a woman from Earth.
With conflict brewing in the kingdom, will he be forced to make a heart-breaking choice?


When I came to the subterranean kingdom of Driegon as a mail-order bride, I didn’t expect the dragon king to sweep me off my feet, take flight, and claim me as his mate. He says a mythical mating ritual called the Torrent proves we’re fated. Yeah, sure. Then I find out he’s almost engaged. He insists he’ll find a way for us to be together, but I’ve fallen for pretty lies before, and I won’t give my heart again easily.


To end a war among the factions of my Driegon people, I must marry the daughter of a rival warlord. I’ve accepted my fate. Until I meet Bella, one of three Earthlings brought to my kingdom as mail-order brides. One touch, and my blood roars through me–the first sign of the Torrent. We’re fated and I ache to claim her, yet I cannot betray my people. But the heart of a dragon will not be denied.

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Mail Order Brides of Crakair

It isn’t every day an Earth woman is chosen to be
a mail order bride for a hulking hero of an extraterrestrial race.

Can an alien military commander and a human woman find true love together?

Burned by an ex, the last thing Evie wants is a husband, especially a seven foot tall, green-skinned alien. But when she applies to the Extraterrestrial Matchmaking Service on a whim, she’s paired with Vork. He’s big and dangerous and he hits all her buttons. Passion sparks between, but does she dare trust this sexy alien with her heart?

As a career spacefleet commander, the last thing Vork has time for is a mate. But after a mix-up, he’s matched with a human female. He decides he’ll produce a child with her, then get back to his life in the stars. Until he touches Evie and a matebond flares on his palm.

When a rival warlord challenges Vork and Evie is the prize, Vork will have to decide. Give Evie up or battle to the death to claim her as his bride.

Vork is book one in the Mail Order Brides of Crakair Series. This standalone, full-length story has plenty of on-the-page heat, a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating, and no cliffhanger.

Complete Series Boxed Set

BONUS! Includes 6 Previously Unreleased Epilogue Scenes

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Ice Lord’s Bride by Ava Ross

To secure a human-fae truce, I’m 1 of 6 women traveling to the magical fae kingdom, where we’ll be introduced to eligible bachelors. Only Elion, the beastly fae lord is forbidden. One stolen moment with him, & I’m intrigued. A kiss, & I’ll do all I can to call this brutishly handsome lord mine. Then a women is murdered. When I see ‘you’re next,’ scrawled on my bedroom wall, it’s clear there’s more going on here than a truce. If I’m not careful, I won’t become a fae bride. I’ll wind up dead.

Monster on Board – A Series of Sci-fi Alien Monster Romances by Alana Khan and Ava Ross

A fun, sexy mashup of Sci-Fi Romance goodness. Board the Jeweled Empress for a cruise through the stars. Best-selling, award-winner author Alana Khan and USA Today Bestselling author Ava Ross team up to bring you hunky aliens, plucky humans, hijinks, humor, and steamy heat. First up? Tusked Commander Xurek takes his battle-ax on the lazy river ride with Livia, who wants nothing to do with him. Second is Arckon, where a swoonworthy winged alien saves Ella in the nick of time. Welcome Aboard!

About the Author

USA Today Best-Selling Author AVA ROSS fell for men with unusual features when she first watched Star Wars, where alien creatures have gone mainstream. She lives in New England with her husband (who is sadly not an alien, though he is still cute in his own way), her kids, and assorted pets, including a yorkie pup and three cats.

If you’d like to get in touch with Ava, please contact her at avarosswrites@yahoo.com.

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