There’s more to being a gargoyle’s wife than just saying I do.
I’m falling for a wolf shifter, but my past may endanger us both.
Do I dare give my broken heart to an alien as wounded as me?
It’s the intergalactic cruise of a lifetime, a chance to meet aliens and travel to exotic locales.
My destination wedding on an interstellar cruise ship just took a turn for the worse. Or was it actually a turn for the better?
I’m falling for my space pirate boss, but rogue aliens are after him—and now me.


Grumpy, growly wyverns don’t deserve true love—or do they?

I’ve worked hard to accept what happened after I sipped that strange brew and turned into a wyvern. Scaly skin? It protects me from the weather. Wings? Flying’s cool. And the claws on my thumbs make it easier to craft chainsaw wood sculptures.

But then Nettie, a too-adorable woman with curves that go on forever and long hair the color of the sunset, arrives on my doorstep.

She insists we were married by proxy. Thanks for asking me to sign those papers, Mom.

When a freakish storm hits the area, we’re stuck together trying to figure this out. Did I mention my log cabin only has one bed?

My lonely heart keeps insisting I should keep her, but what woman wants to be a wyvern’s bride?

A Monster Worth Fighting For is part of the Monster Between the Sheets Season 2. Each standalone book features a different monster and is full of heat, humor, and comes with a HEA guaranteed.

I’m zipping across the ocean on an outer space jet ski above the mythical Lost City of Antheum when a freakish storm gathers so fast I can’t make it to shore. I’m knocked overboard by ten-foot swells and sucked beneath the waves. Terrified and about to take in my last breath, I’m rescued by an alien merman with brilliant teal eyes and shimmering scales covering his muscular body.

Claiming he’s the prince of Antheum, Darthan sweeps me away to an underwater castle where he woos me while swimming through gardens brimming with glowing sea flowers. His seductive kisses and loving words are easy to fall for and lure me closer with each passing moment. I can’t find a single reason to return to the surface.

But his mother, the queen of the underwater world, will do anything to control him, and human-Antheun mating is not only forbidden, it’s punishable by death. Dare I risk everything to stay with my alien merman?

I’m trapped on a distant planet with no way home—and a blue-skinned alien has claimed me as his mate.

One second, I’m helping a patient at the hospital and the next, I’m standing on a grassy alien plain. A band of terrifying creatures with shredded skin and gleaming eyes races toward me—riding chariots.

The aliens appear ready to run me over, which is bad news for me. Before they reach me, a muscular, blue-skinned guy with thick bands of hair that appear to move on their own leaps from below the ground. Taking Theer’s hand could pull me from the frying pan and thrust me into the fire, but who else can I trust? He saves me from the bad guys and shares that his ship crashed here over a year ago.

Despite my determination to return to Earth, I can’t help falling for this lonely, stoic male who calls me his treasure. But when the terrifying aliens discover Theer’s hideout, we have no choice but to run. Can our love survive in this ravaged world?

My ex-boyfriend was transformed into a medusa, and he’s set his eyes on me.

Ten years ago, I was convinced I’d one day marry my high school boyfriend, Darrow. But when a mad scientist experimented on him and others in Petrified Woods, they were changed into monsters. My parents dragged me from town before I could make sure Darrow was okay. Not long after that, they told me he was dead.

Now I’m back in Petrified Woods to be the maid of honor at a friend’s wedding. And guess who’s the best man?


He’s not dead.

He’s mad at me for leaving him.

And his steely gaze could turn me to stone with a single glance.

A suit-wearing ogre is pretending to be my boyfriend, and I think I’m falling in love.

After being ousted from my small town by an underhanded wedding planner who is also now my ex, I moved to Monsterville for a fresh start. There, I find myself in direct competition with the hottest ogre in town, Raze. He’s too cocky and snobby for his own good, and he wears designer suits and ties all the time. I sometimes wonder if he wears them to bed.

When my ex shows up in Monsterville, determined to win me back, Raze steps in, offering to pretend he’s my boyfriend and business partner. Only when my ex tries to outbid me on a royal fae wedding do I agree. With our combined forces, Raze and I will win the job and send my ex packing.

The more time I spend with Raze, however, the more I wish he was my real boyfriend. Can I convince him that an ogre and a human are the perfect monster match?

I’m teaching a gorgeous elf how to fit in with humans and now I’m falling in love. 

With thirty-six looming on my horizon, I’m determined to have a child. I don’t need romance. I don’t need love. And definitely don’t need a happily ever after.

When my friend talks me into attending an elf ball at an estate in Monsterville, promising I’ll find a guy there who’ll give me what I’m seeking, I agree to go with her.

I’m barely there when I fall into the arms of the most gorgeous elf I’ve ever seen, Tylik. He’s the LOTR elf of my dreams, so it’s a good thing I’ve sworn off romance.

Tylik needs someone to teach him how to fit in with human society. I need a bundle of joy. We’ll help each other, then end things with no looking back.

But between teaching Tylik how to drive and showing him that ice cream is amazing, I fall in love. What if he doesn’t feel the same?

Is my hot orc neighbor my crush or is he actually my soulmate?

My hunky orc neighbor, Vrok, who I’d love to get to know better, keeps ignoring me. But when he overhears me reading the draft of my steamy romance novel out loud, he tells me he has ideas to make the male point of view better.

Yeah, sure.

One thing leads to another, and soon we’re not only working on dialogue, we’re acting out some of the hotter scenes.

Somewhere between Chapter Fifteen and a troll roller coaster ride, we start falling for each other. Then mate bond symbols appear on our wrists.

Now we can’t tell if what we’re feeling is real or not.

If we break the bond, will we still be in love?

About the Author

USA Today Best-Selling Author AVA ROSS fell for men with unusual features when she first watched Star Wars, where alien creatures have gone mainstream. She lives in New England with her husband (who is sadly not an alien, though he is still cute in his own way), her kids, and assorted pets, including a yorkie pup and three cats.

If you’d like to get in touch with Ava, please contact her at avarosswrites@yahoo.com.

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